Mastering the hip hinge! With the hip hinge, you maintain a neutral spine and bend at the hips, not the lower back. This pattern relieves stress off the lumbar spine and can prevent a whole host of injuries! Try this one at home guys, it will help you SMASH leg day while also looking after yourself 👊🏼
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 #facilitiesfitness #coachcal300 SESSIONS! Big shout out to our amazing member @heidi.e.johnston on reaching the 300 club 🎉 Couldn’t be more proud to have you training with us every morning! You are here every morning at 5am, never miss a session and always train your ass off! 🖤🖤🖤 #facilitiesfitnessNow that you have had a chance to relax, recharge & refuel, make sure you have booked in all your classes this week! #facilitiesfitnessPilates Saturday’s with the amazing @thatpilatespassion 🙏🏼 Pilates is all a part of our active recovery sessions at Facilities - Love your body, look after yourself #facilitiesfitness✖️Upper body session last night was SAVAGE✖️ Amazing to see these guys motivating each other! #motivationiscontagious #traintogetherChin ups and Summer Tanks - Thursday is off to an EPIC start! Get those arms pumping and book in for tonight’s classes! Don’t forget to DM us to reserve your Summer Tank TODAY! 💪🏼 #facilitiesfitnessHappy Valentines Day from the Facilities Crew 🖤 🖤 Don’t have any Valentines plans? Why don’t you come down tonight and HIT some stuff in our BOX Session? @punchequipment #valentinesday #boxing*Gut Health Workshop*
Next Tuesday 20th February @ 6:30pm.
 We are excited to announce that @sofievankempen will be joining us to talk all things Gut Health! 
If you are a CHALLENGER, book in on the app as this is FREE for you 👊🏼 Everyone else grab a ticket through the link in our bio 🌱 #sofievankempen #guthealthWe love our Girl Gang, these lovely ladies SMASHED last nights Core & Cardio class! #girlgang #facilitiesfitnessSneak Peak of what’s in store for tonight’s class! Your abs are going to be BURNING 🔥 #abs #facilitiesfitness