The Purpose of our Program is to achieve results. Whatever your goals are The Facilities Training Program will help you achieve one session at a time. The Program is designed to make you Strong, starting at the CORE. Without your core, let’s be honest your body doesn’t function! On Monday, we will work your speed and power, exploding through movements to switch your body on at the start of the week, Tuesday we will work the Lower Body, this session is designed to work your Glute’s, Quad’s and Hamstrings, Shaping up and building LEAN muscle mass! By the time Wednesday comes your body is in for the first CONDITIONING Session of the Week with our Infamous Facilities BOX Session. Thursday, known as Upper Body Focus will work on developing a strongUpper Body, building up your Back muscles, Chest Muscles as well as Arms. The end of our week, Friday, is our Staple Workout Day, every muscle, new exercises, pushing your body outside its comfort zone. All in the name of RESULTS.



Make your body your Machine with The TRX Suspension Trainer! Derived from the US Navy, Suspension will have you leveraging gravity and your own body-weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. It’s all about the grit and grind of TRX, where you are your own worst enemy. It's YOU VS. Gravity: Adjust every exercise to your skill and strength level by changing your body position on The TRX. Let our Expert TRX Coaches move you through this Facilities workout!


Facilities Rush will have you locking and loading, all whilst engaging in full body movement and strength training. This program revolves around the VIPR, a new concept to the fitness world, where you will be loaded up to enhance vitality, performance and reconditioning.


This Session will Optimize your Kettlebell Performance! Get ready to feel "The Grind", as you lift, swing, pull and push kettlebells for the entire 45 minutes. As you workout, you will define, tone and strengthen your body from head to toe. Bring on the kettlebells!


Combining strength and cardio, the TRX Rip Trainer, is set to challenge your every rep, every set, every workout. So get ready to sweat because you are about to become a combat sport athlete for the next 45 minutes.

Conditioning - BOX

Dance like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee!   Get ready to bring the punches in this boxing sweat session, sure to work your entire body. Specifically focusing on technique and precision, you will kick and punch your way through the entire class.   Take the Facilities BOX Journey as we advance you from Jabs and Crosses to Knees, Kicks and Elbows with our Coaches trained in Kickboxing and Muay Thai as well as Boxing!

Conditioning - Integrate

The Progressive Facilities Integrate Class is a Circuit Training Session with Exercises introduced from all other Facilities Sessions!   Are you ready to test both your mind and body? Integrate combines all Facilities Training methods into one. This is the ultimate test of strength, balance, cardio and core, creating the best athlete in town!   Jump, Run, Lift and Endure 45 minutes with Facilities Integrate!

Conditioning - Division 1

You've tried Facilities Integrate - now take your Friday circuit session to the next level! Have you always wanted to training like a Division 1 Athlete? Now's your time to accept the challenge and take on Facilities' Staple Workout!   Our Staple Partner Workout: Notorious for being the toughest day of the week. If you're a new athlete to Facilities, we do NOT recommend starting with Conditioning Day, unless you're a risk taker and up for an extra challenge! Movement training focused on endurance, stamina, constant heart rate elevation throughout 98% of class, and minimal recovery periods. Speed, strength, explosive, agility, and conditioning-based drills are applied. Connect to a Harness, Get Down Low and Drive!


All Core, All the Time!   Don't just test your core, Understand it! Our Expert coaches will workout your brain and your core helping educate you about your body whilst building that sought after six-pack!   SAY GOODBYE TO BACK PAIN - Strengthen your core to prevent that common lower back stiffness!   Be Beach Body ready 365 Days a year with this class.


Our Workout of the Week!  
This bodyweight workout will push you beyond your limits right to the doorstep of your goals! Challenge yourself by lifting your bodyweight up and down off the Facilities Astroturf and carry your Teammates across the finish line (LITERALLY). This workout is for TIME/REPS/POSITION.


Benchmark at Facilities is A Standard   A Standard all of our athletes hold themselves to.   The Second Saturday of Every Month we showcase 2 out of our 10 Benchmark Workouts. These workouts are designed to help in goal setting, track progress and lift workout intensity by comparing scores to other Athletes. Our Expectation, give your all!

Conditioning - Sleds and Slams

Battle Ropes, Sleds and Slam Balls - Talk about Conditioning!   Conditioning workouts are the best way to build Cardiovascular endurance, Lose Body Fat and Gain Lean Muscle Mass! Battle through a minute on the Ropes with your Best Mates. Push past your limits on The Facilities Astroturf with a sled and then Slam and Throw balls up and down the Facilities Track!

This session is a great intro to our training philosophy, with focused instruction and demonstration on proper form and technique that can carry you into any regular Facilities session. You'll also get the benefit of joining the team with a group of athletes who are new to the Program as well. 

This class is highly recommended for new Facilities athletes. Current clients may utilize this session as a refresher course on the fundamentals. The pace and programming will be adjusted to accommodate for additional instruction and demos. We recommend at least one FCLTS 101 session before graduating to our normal training schedule. Every athlete is different, though, and you may transition sooner/later, or your Coaches’ may advise you to do so.