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Welcome to Facilities Fitness, where we train together, and you grow stronger. Join our community-driven training to reach your fitness goals. #wetrainyougrow

At Facilities Fitness, we're more than just a gym. Our community-driven approach and structured training programs cater to all fitness levels, fostering growth and results.


Training together is an integral part of our methodology. We train together and push each other to develop personal growth.
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Weekly Memberships

Our memberships are $44.95 per week, access to 35+ classes a week, and 24/7 gym access included in your membership.
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Personal Training

Unlock your full potential with personalised one-on-one sessions. Achieve your fitness goals faster with our expert personal trainers.
Personal Training at Facilities Fitness Newstead, Brisbane

Corporate Training

Elevate your team's performance with our tailored corporate training programs. Boost productivity and morale with Facilities Fitness.
Facilities Fitness Corporate & Business Fitness Training
The FF Program
Our classes have a really fun, upbeat, group atmosphere where everyone receives personal attention.
With over +35 classes a week to choose from, our programming allows us to focus all the different body groups across all our sessions to ensure even training focus.

We take the best of the fitness world, combining Metabolic Conditioning, High-Intensity Interval Training, Olympic Lifting and Boxing over a strategically designed training week.

Hybrid Strength Upper

Muscle Mastery
Elevate your upper body game with our Hybrid Upper Strength class! With a carefully curated mix of compound lifts and targeted circuits, this session is designed to ignite your muscles and optimise your strength gains. Get ready to redefine what's possible for your arms, shoulders, chest, and back.
Upstairs at Facilities Fitness | 24/7 Access

Hybrid Strength Lower

Leg Powerhouse
Get ready to power up your lower body in our Hybrid Strength Lower class! It's all about leg day, where we focus on building strength, stability, and endurance to take your lower body fitness to the next level. With a dynamic mix of compound lifts and challenging circuits, you'll sculpt powerful legs and unlock your full athletic potential.
Facilities Fitness Program


Burn Blitz
Prepare to ignite your metabolism and transform your fitness with our Metabolic Conditioning class! This high-intensity session is all about pushing your limits and maximising your calorie burn. Through a series of dynamic exercises and functional movements, you'll target muscle groups throughout your entire body, leaving you feeling energised and empowered.
Facilities Fitness Program


Cardio Blitz
Join the HIIT Squad for an exhilarating session of High-Intensity Interval Training! This heart-pumping workout is designed to push your limits, elevate your heart rate, and torch calories like never before. With dynamic exercises and carefully crafted intervals, you'll challenge your cardiovascular system and unlock your full fitness potential. Our programming evolves every 6-8 weeks, ensuring you continuously progress towards your goals.
Facilities Fitness Program


Punch Power
Step into the class and unleash your inner warrior with our Boxing and Conditioning Workout! This dynamic session combines the art of boxing with total body conditioning for a sweat-inducing experience like no other. Get ready to jab, hook, and uppercut your way to fitness as you focus on boxing conditioning drills aimed at boosting your power, speed, and endurance. It's time to channel your inner champion and conquer every round!
Facilities Fitness Program

Core & Conditioning

Core Blast
Embark on a journey to strengthen and sculpt your core with our Core & Conditioning class! Designed to blitz your abs and ignite your metabolic rate, this session delivers a dynamic fusion of core-focused exercises and full-body conditioning. Whether you're targeting your abs, obliques, or overall stability, each workout is crafted to challenge and elevate your strength and fitness levels. With constantly changing formats and evolving routines, you'll experience continuous improvement and lasting results.
Facilities Fitness Program


Zen Flow
Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Yin Yoga, a gentle and meditative practice that nourishes both body and mind. In this slow-paced session, you'll explore a series of restorative poses held for extended periods, allowing for deep relaxation and inner reflection. Through gentle yet profound stretches, Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, promoting flexibility and rejuvenating the body from within. Embrace the meditative aspects of the practice as you cultivate inner silence and foster a sense of interconnectedness with the universe.
Facilities Fitness Program

Garage Strength

Raw power
Step into the garage and unleash your inner powerhouse with our Garage Strength class! This no-nonsense session is all about lifting heavy, grunting through the grind, and dripping sweat as you push your limits. Embracing an old-school approach with traditional reps and sets, you'll focus on building raw strength and muscle like never before. Get ready to harness your inner beast and dominate the iron jungle!
Facilities Fitness Program
Can't make your weekly sessions? 24/7 access, and a completely seperate 2nd level included in your memebership.

Upstairs at
Facilities Fitness.

24/7 Access

Train on your own terms. 24/7 access, with a dedicated 2nd level to cater to all of your needs. Free use of the functional downstairs level outside of class times.


Experience the benefits of our inclusive community, diverse training programs, and convenient 24/7 access, tailored to fuel your fitness journey.


Embrace the fun side of fitness! Our only 'rule' is to bring your energy and enthusiasm. Let's sweat, laugh, and grow together!


Our weekly members witness transformative results within just 8 weeks, fueled by our dynamic community and tailored training programs.
Upstairs at Facilities Fitness | 24/7 Access
Our Coaches
Our coaches deliver specific programs in either 4, 6 or 8 week blocks to maximise results.
At Facilities Fitness, our passionate coaches are committed to delivering an unparalleled fitness experience.

With over 30+ years of experience in diverse training, they guide and inspire you every step of the way, ensuring personalised attention and effective results. Experience the difference our dedicated team makes in your fitness journey.
+20 Years Experience

Terry O’Neill

We're Coaches, Not Motivators - Move the right way. Technique and form are paramount and we are here to coach you through that.
Terry O'Neill | Head Trainer at Facilities Fitness
+16 Years Experience


We're Coaches, Not Motivators - Move the right way. Technique and form are paramount and we are here to coach you through that.
Darren | Trainer at Facilities Fitness