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    Facilities Fitness
    We train, you grow
    FF Upstairs Open Day 13th August
    We Train, You Grow
    Facilities Fitness
    FF Upstairs Open Day 13th August
    Facilities Fitness

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    We Train, You Grow
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    One of our core values at Facilities Fitness is our huge community focus. We find that cultivating a hub of like-minded individuals creates a more conducive environment to achieve results! You are more than a number on a page to us, you become family as we all go on the fitness journey together. The hardest part is getting here, we’ve got you from there. #wetrainyougrow

    Training together is an integral part of our methodology. We train together and push each other to develop personal growth.

    To Do For You, What Was Once Done For Us – Our fitness journey started somewhere just like yours. We were shown the way by coaches and mentors before us and we intend to return the favour.

    Do the Good Things Well, We’re Coaches, Not Motivators – Move the right way. Technique and form are paramount and we are here to coach you through that.


    F is for Family

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    The Hardest Part Was Getting Here, We’ve Got You From There

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    Welcome Home

    More than
    Just membership

    At Facilities, we do things differently. Our coaches deliver specific programs in either 4, 6 or 8 week blocks to maximise results across functionality, fitness, strength, mobility and performance. We take the best of the fitness world, combining Metabolic Conditioning, High-Intensity Interval Training, Olympic Lifting and Boxing over a strategically designed training week.

    Our classes have a really fun, upbeat, group atmosphere where everyone receives personal attention. With over 8 classes to choose from and each day, our programming allows us to focus all the different body groups across all our sessions to ensure even training focus.

    Mon – Fri 5am – 7:15pm
    Sat 7am – 10am.

    Open Gym is available between 7:15 am – 5:15 pm each day (outside of class times)

    Read through our comprehensive nutrition guide to help better understand how to fuel your body and maximise results!

    We have teamed up with local businesses to bring you discounts on Supplements, Active Wear, Acai Bowls, and Coffees exclusively with Facilities Fitness.

    We are constantly updating our limited-run merch items. Grab yours when you join us!

    Want to train with a friend? Use your free training pass to bring them down to train alongside you.


    Hybrid Strength

    Hybrid Strength sessions enable you to work your entire body in a very specifically designed session built to maximise results. Using all 7 foundational movements for you to work towards a stronger body, as we have your muscles cranking and your blood pumping! Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow.


    Integrate your week in one 45 minute workout! This workout primarily focuses on a mixture of Olympic lifts, bodyweight movements, and high-intensity training to keep your metabolic rate heightened for the rest of the day. Push your limits physically and mentally.


    Need to sweat? We’ve got you. Our HIIT sessions vary vastly to keep you on your toes. Whether it’s AMRAP or an EMOM or a BIG Circuit, we get your heart rate up and the rest time right down. These sessions are great for cardiovascular endurance, anaerobic and aerobic threshold training.


    Get ready to bring the punches in this boxing sweat session, sure to work your entire body. Focussing not only on fitness, but also on technique, our goal is to educate you to punch and move like a fighter. Learn all the moves and etiquette in a fun and safe environment. We provide everything, just come on down.


    We walk you through our KEY Mobility exercises to keep you training. Pinching shoulders? Sore Knee? Can’t get deep enough in a squat? We take you through how to increase your range of motion and work on the tone through these areas to aid in injury prevention, to help increase your training longevity.


    Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time—for beginners. Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality.

    Garage Strength

    Keep it old school and hit some reps & sets in our Garage Strength sessions. This slower paces session is great for working on strengthening, toning, and growing your muscles!

    Find your fit fam type

    Fitness Quiz

    Find out your fit fam type.

    Facilities Story

    Health and fitness is not something that you just get overnight. It’s a journey, a lifestyle, and a commitment. A commitment to health and fitness in your life requires guidance, coaching, and a support network. Here at Facilities Fitness, one of our core values is family.

    The Facilities Family is here to support, encourage and help you grow throughout your time with us. Whether you are starting your journey, need to break through a plateau, or need a place to call home, we are a one-stop-shop. Our fitness journey started somewhere just like yours. We were shown the way by coaches and mentors before us and we intend to return the favour.

    Fit Fam Quiz

    Just tell us who you are to play the quiz!

    Your ideal session looks like what?

    What do you want to feel like after a session?

    What gets you to the gym everyday?

    When you think about the gym, what comes to mind first?

    5. What is your favourite kind of workout?

    Why do you like to train?

    What is your least favourite form of training?

    How do you want to walk away from the gym?

    What drives you to train at a gym?

    Fit Fam Quiz
    Semi Pro

    Strengths: You are extroverted and competitive which is received well in big groups. You train hard at the worst of times as you tend to not have another gear. You are great at lifting and motivating others, especially Silent Assassins who tend to be rather introverted but equally as driven. You are consistent in attendance, performance and you strive to not only get results, but get there first. You tend to be the loudest in the group, but also one of the top performers.

    Inconsistent form and reps are something to keep your eye on as you push harder and harder. Your need for recognition and results can impact your technique if you’re not careful. Injury is the result of overtraining and under stretching and recovery. Take the time to look after yourself to continue your gains.

    Types of Training: Anything that you can compete in and push yourself to your own limits you will enjoy. Strength Training, HIIT and METCON classes will give you the opportunity to grow and give you the desired outcomes. Mobility and Yoga will go against how you like to train, but step out of your comfort zone in order to maintain your body. After all, out of your comfort zone is what excites you.

    Risks: As discussed in your strengths and weaknesses your competitiveness is your golden goose and kryptonite. Be mindful of your extroversion and alpha mindset as it can lead to irritation from other members. Learn to take feedback on board as it will only help you improve.
    Social Butterfly

    Strengths: You are full of energy and make friends very easily due to your extroversion. You thrive in team scenarios and bigger groups as the environment around you gives you energy and a platform to make your voice heard. Other members love training with you as you bring positivity, a bright smile and encouraging words to the workout. Being a part of a community helps to push you to come to the gym each day and you leave feeling energised!

    Weaknesses: You get easily distracted during workouts and explanations, especially if you are teamed up in a group with your friends. Because you are such a social extrovert, you don’t tend to train well in small groups or 1 on 1 sessions. If the class energy is low or you are not vibing with the other participants you will need motivating and you will likely leave the gym feeling flat.

    Types of Training: Group training sessions where you are partnered up such as Boxing will give you life! Partnered METCONS and Strength Phases where there are lots of people and high energy will keep you coming back for more. Teaming up with a Semi Pro will help push you, while getting the energetic encouragement that you need. 5:45am/ 5:15pm sessions and Saturday mornings are your go to.

    Risks: Be careful of your outwardness and its impact on the session for other members. You can be distracting and irritating for those quieter members who are there to get the job done. Your motivation is generally reliant on the energy of the group and the session and you are at risk of losing momentum if you can’t find the right group to train with.
    Silent Assassin

    Strengths: You are somewhat introverted. You are always punctual if not early for your session. You remember to stretch, do your mobility and warm down. You uphold consistent attendance, and train even more consistently. Your self motivation and internal drive is your biggest strength. You lead by example and your performance although you don’t require recognition of it.

    Weaknesses: Partnered sessions are not your favourite. You are slow to make friends, quietly spoken and often manage to fly under the radar as you are somewhat introverted. At a big gym you tend to get lost amongst the crowd until your performance and obvious focus and motivation help you to stand out.

    Types of Training: You will thrive in individual workouts such as Metcon and HIIT. Very early morning sessions or late night sessions where there isn’t a huge group with play to your introversion but your leadership qualities dictated by your internal drive will shine brighter in bigger groups. Back your abilities and challenge the Semi Pro’s. Yoga and Mobility sessions will keep your body moving as you want it to.

    Risks: You rarely ask for help, or speak up when you don’t completely understand the workout. This can be detrimental when performing movements that are new to you.
    Number Cruncher

    Strengths: You are somewhat introverted and very self motivated. Improvement is the aim of the game when it comes to training, as you tend to really appreciate the process. You train hard, not because you are competitive but because your analytical mind knows the rewards if the process is followed to a tee. You deeply understand the importance of form and technique and the benefits. You never skip reps as that would go against your very being and doesn’t make rational sense to you.

    Weaknesses: You tend to over analyse workouts and results. The numbers can be your undoing! You require increased attention by the coaches, not for your ego, but for your analytical mind to understand why and how we do things the way we do. When you aren’t seeing results as you would like you obsess over the small things.

    Types of Training: Anything that gives you that high calorie burn that you are forever chasing. HIIT, Boxing, Metcon, and higher intensity Strength classes will give you what you are looking for. It is important for Number Crunchers to realise the difference between heart rate calorie burn and metabolic calorie burn when in these sessions.

    Risks: Number Crunchers overanalysis can lead to an unhealthy obsession. Especially when calories in and calories out are of primary importance. Be careful to not fixate on statistics and analytics. Let your rational thinking side talk you out of it.



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